We believe that every Raw Material has an unexploited potential. To fulfill that potential, we go hand by hand with the Hotelier.




Adjusting you to the
new era

They key of Communication is its effectiveness. In today’s world, Communication is the turning point into converting existing direct guests to Loyal guests, guests from other sources into our guests, and a minimal product into an experience.
Hotels are more than just pillows; every Hotel needs a Storytelling.
At The Raw Hotels we create so via Branding + Conception. Your story needs to be told. We live in an ever-changing era in which Communication is constantly evolving; at The Raw Hotels we are continuously adapting and learning so to translate your Story into today’s language and make it reachable to all generations. pampering.

How we do it

Websites that matter. Forward-looking SEO. Performance-driven Website with an emotional impact integrated with the entire Marketing + Sales Strategy

Correlated Social Media strategies, which tell a story and focus in driving results

Promotion of the Hotel

Communication of the Hotel Identity

Evaluation of the Hotel Communication position

Targeting appropriate Influencers in key feeder markets to act as brand ambassadors

Development of a smart, compelling and realistic strategy to build buzz and awareness around the Hotel

Building strategic alliances with like-minded brands and services to expose the hotel via Co-Branding

Development or empowerment of current Hotel presentation, fact sheet and PR material

Crafting and distribution of customized Hotel pitches to use at Print, Media and Social Media

Organization and Execution of Media tours to broaden relations and offer exposure

Developing unique storylines based on the Hotel and its destination

Accessing opportunities that would position the Hotel as leading competitor within its Market via awards opportunities or relevant Co-Branding acts

Monitoring the Social Media calendar to make sure the hotel is always on top of the wave

Monitoring and responding to all related Brand and Media leads for any appropriate opportunities