We believe that every Raw Material has an unexploited potential. To fulfill that potential, we go hand by hand with the Hotelier.





What is it?

Everything is Marketing.

Understanding Marketing is the key to understand the market and the market force; it’s who you are, where you go, what is your value and how can others perceive it. This is what Marketing really is: a combination of procedures to analyze real-time, past and future data in order to be able to tailor-make an offer which can match the demand existing in the market or create the demand when non-existing.

we do it

We introduce tailor-made Marketing
Solutions to our member Hotels:

The aimed result of tiding these four ‘P’s is to increase

your Direct Sales potential and aim for a better outcome.


We create or enhance the non-physical “side” of the Hotel product in order to create and present a storytelling, aiding the Hotel to become a Brand.

We unify your POS in order to maximize cross-selling technics and increase not only Room revenue but also other departments Revenue.

We tailor-make the product for every market, segment and leadtime in order to match with a correct offer the existing demand.

Positioning (Distribution)

The Hospitality sector is one of the few on which the Distribution goes hand by hand with the Promotion and the Positioning. The difference between the Placing (Distribution) and the Positioning is that on the Distribution we introduce the Product to the market and with the Positioning we make it visible.

We analyze the Demand (Past, Present and Future) of individual Product Markets in order to outlay a distribution strategy that better works for the Hotel.

We continuously benchmark the Outbound Markets in order to adapt to the shifts in Distribution.


We continuously benchmark the market and competitors in order to create price points with an advantage at Market Loops.

We continuously analyze market trends and past data in order to set a more efficient price strategy for Sales use.

We adapt and correlate prices to be in symphony with the Product, the Demand and the Market.

We tailor-make Price Points for every Market Segment on the outlook of a best Revenue result for the Hotel.


We tide the Product to the Price and the Distribution in order to maximize Revenue on each Lead-Time period with the most effective Campaigns the different Segments offer.

Moreover we have a dedicated Communication Team, which takes care of the individual needs presented.